POLANDWelcome to Poland


We offer you panoramic tour of Krakow which allows you to explore much deeper our city and provides spectacular views of former capital of Poland. Sightseeing program includes: ride along Blonia – huge meadows which survived so close to the centre and entrance to Kosciuszko’s Moundwhich provides fantastic view over Krakow from its top. Then we move towards southern part of the city, cross the Vistula river and visit district of Podgorze. You will see the Podgorski Market Square which used to be the centre of independent city of Podgorze until 1915. Not far from here we will stop in front of a surviving fragment of the Jewish Ghetto walls on Lwowska Street. Finally we will climb the Krak’s Mound to get another spectacular view of Krakow and environs from its summit.