GERMANYA country of great spirit and food


Dresden is the city which is known as it was rised form the ashes.Unfortunately, it was one of the most destroyed city during the second world war and german nation invested million euros to reward back to city`s fame.A very beautiful terrace which is named as the balcony of europe and fascinating Baroque buildings are attracting over 10 million visitors annualy.A must see palace named Zwinger is an open air museum.Our journey takes approximately 2 hours from Prague and our local guide will give you a nice overview about the city within 2 hours of private tour.We will panaromically see Royal Palace of Dresden,Zwinger Palace,Hofkirche,Agustusbrucke,Frauenkirche and former parliament of Saxon state during our city tour.Dresden is also giving wide oppurtunities for shopping and leisure.We also visit Terezin concantration camp in the middle of our journey ,which will give you a chance to see the consequences of Nasizm